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I love smoking; this is just what some non-smokers don’t seem to understand: smoking is a pleasure! How would you feel if someone came over to you and asked you to stop having sex, huh? Not that funny anymore…!?

Smoking is nice; it’s tasty; it’s relaxing; overall it’s a huge pleasure. I know, no matter how much you love it, you will have to quit at some point, cause it’s killing you (slowly and orgasmically). I’ve switched to electronic cigarette a while ago and now I rarely use that too. As a result, about 10% of the pleasure in my life is gone. I smell better and I spend less money on that crap, but my life’s not that pleasant anymore. Seriously now. And it’s been 8 months. So people, help me understand: am I totally nuts or are there more like me?

Here’s a nice ‘smoking era’ memory….oh…

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Audrey Hepburn will always be an inspiration for me. She’s beautiful, sweet, elegant, overall lovable. I’ve always wanted to make a photoshoot inspired by her, but let’s admitt it, people, that is not an easy task.

Once I got this dress at a vintage fair, I knew it was the perfect outfit for an Audrey Hepburn inspired photoshoot. And it was, allright.

I’m wearing: vintage dress, vintage earrings, fishnet stockings.

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I love the countryside. Did I mention that before? I mean I love it, but just for a weekend. The silence and total relaxation is good, but I am so energetic that sometimes I just need to do more than sitting around, reading and walking.

Playing Dr. Quinn in my own countryside movie was really fun. Vasi has really understood the concept and did a great job.

I’m wearing: Pierre Cardin vintage booties, thrifted skirt, Vero Moda shirt and vintage Moschino bag.



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This is, for sure, one of my fav necklaces. It is light, feminine, beautiful and you can wear it on your head, as a headband, too. It goes with a lot of stuff and it’s very easy to make. However, I am a pretty lazy person, so I preferred to order it.

You can see it here worn as a headband.

I’m wearing: Zara dress, Clujana shoes, H&M bracelets, handmade necklace.

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I never thought I would wear one, but that day has come. I bought it online, from a blog that only sells indian stuff and I totally love it! IT is, indeed, hard to match to my clothes at the moment- I have so few in this style- but it’s still fun to wear and guess what: it will scare the hell out of the people around you! (have no idea why , haha).

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Wearing jewellery in your hair is not totally new, but this season is bolder than ever! Cause this time, you can choose oversized brooches and all kinds of headbands and play like a true designer!

The brooches are my best choice, as I wear my hair like that a lot, it;s easy to do and it looks polished and modern. Just make a loop or a knot and embelish it with a piece of jewellery! This will change your total look, but also your mood!

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One of the biggest trends of this season for jewellery: the choker and the long necklace, worn together. Try it, you will love it; it has a way of changing an outfit from top to bottom.

I’m wearing a thrifted silk shirt, Selected chocker and Stradivarius long necklace.

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